Fat Reduction vs. Skin Tightening: Here’s the Skinny

Fat Reduction vs. Skin Tightening: Here’s the Skinny


With so many treatment options out there, it can be difficult to figure out which may be best for you.  To point you in the right direction, while maximizing your time and budget, it’s best to consider the following:


If you are contemplating CoolSculptingÒ or liposuction, there are a few key questions you need to ask yourself.  Are you seeking a single, intensive treatment with immediate results? Also, are you comfortable with some downtime post treatment? Or does the idea of receiving a few smaller, non- invasive treatments with absolutely zero downtime and results visible within three to four months’ sound more appealing to you?

Liposuction is your best bet if you are looking for instant results with one treatment and you do not mind building some recovery days into your schedule. Alternatively, CoolsculptingÒ could be an ideal option if you’re seeking to return to work and your regular daily routine immediately.


Budget is a major concern for most patients.  Some have saved money specifically for cosmetic treatments and others are trying their best to find a way for their financial situation to support the added expense.   Ask yourself if you are more comfortable making smaller payments, as with Coolsculpting, or if you have the means to take on the more significant costs associated with liposuction and surgery fees.


This is the most critical piece of criteria to consider.  Not every person is a candidate for every procedure because these procedures treat different issues.  Although many patients become interested in these treatments after losing weight, the fact is that none of these procedures is a magic wand for keeping the weight off.  Furthermore, liposuction, Coolsculpting, Vanquish and Exilis all address different concerns. Coolsculpting helps contour stubborn areas of fat with subtle results.  Liposuction offers a more dramatic change that removes excess fat from the body and contours the area for a sleeker appearance. Neither Coolsculpting, Vanquish nor Liposuction is going to tighten your skin.  If loose skin is a primary concern, consider Exilis or possibly a tummy tuck, based on your individual needs.


Be wary of aesthetic practices that only offer one option.  The reality is that there is no single treatment that is best for everybody.  There are a ton of medical spas that market a new machine or procedure that claims to fix everyone’s problems.  Well you know the old adage, “If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  This is a simple case of a medical practice trying to fit the patient to the machine, instead of vice versa. Dr. Pooja Malik believes that offering a wealth of modalities and options to treat each individual patient is key to successful patient outcomes. Doctors that practice with the same motto are the ones that are truly dedicated to offering the safest and most effective treatments, which ultimately saves the patient both time and money.

Fat Reduction vs. Skin Tightening: Here’s the Skinny

Reverse Aging Lips

Reverse Aging Lips

The appearance of our lips plays a significant role in maintaining a youthful look.  It is common for many to overlook their lips when it comes to their short term and long-term anti-aging strategy.  A perfect pout does not solely depend on the lips themselves, but also involves the immediate surrounding features.  There are six main traits associated with your lips that give away your age and some may surprise you.


Just as with the rest of your face, the lips should be exfoliated, hydrated and protected from the sun daily.  If your lips are not exfoliated regularly, your lip care products will sit on top of the skin and will not be able to penetrate into the deeper layers.  After exfoliating, apply a hydrating mask that restores moisture and nutrients to the lips.  You want to ensure your lips are properly hydrated to avoid chapped, crinkled lips. Each day be sure to include a lip balm that is made with all natural ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter, aloe vera, coconut oil and jojoba oil. Lip balms that contain alcohol and other synthetic ingredients typically cause dryness and skin sensitivities.


Courtesy of Kyle Jenner, you cannot open a beauty magazine today without reading about new methods to add fullness to your lips.  We produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid when we are younger giving a plump, youthful look. As we age, our lips begin to deflate and begin to grow thin.  Although there are countless lip plumping products promising fuller lips, the best way to achieve this is through dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC.  This groundbreaking dermal filler, based on hyaluronic acid (HA), is specifically designed to boost the volume of the lips and diminish the appearance of fine lines around the mouth. This injectable treatment is formulated to deliver a smoother, softer consistency that mimics the natural feel of your lips for a longer time.


When we are younger, our lips have upturned outer corners due to the natural fullness of the skin.  This subtle feature radiates a brighter and more vibrant appearance.  Facial exercises to tone these muscles will help lift the lips up to keep them looking fuller, longer.


The vermilion border, the thin area that separates the lip color from the rest of your skin, is sharp around your lips when we are young.  As age sets in, this border begins to fade and fine lines begin to appear around the lip area. The vermilion border can be redefined with dermal fillers to create a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance.


A projected cupid’s bow, located above the center of your lips, is a trademark for youthful lips. Over the years this arch and bow shape can begin to sag, causing your lips to show their age.  This is why defining this area with lip liner is a popular make-up technique. Longer lasting results can be achieved be adding volume back into your cupid’s bow with dermal fillers.

Color Correct

Lastly, as sexy as bold lip colors are, they are not the ideal route to take if your goal is to take a few years off. A glowing, rosy lip with a natural looking pink hue is one of the hallmark traits of youthful lips. So, try toning it down!

Reverse Aging Lips

How to Maximize Your Coolsculpting Results

How to Maximize Your Coolsculpting Results

Have you struggled to lose those last few pounds despite how much you diet and exercise? If so, you may be a candidate for CoolSculpting, a treatment to freeze the fat.  Since the revolutionary CoolSculpting treatment was approved by the FDA, both men and women across the country are achieving astonishing results.


Scientists at Harvard University observed that some children developed dimples in their cheeks after eating popsicles. Following further studies, they discovered that the popsicles were freezing and eliminating small pockets of fat cells.  The concept that cold can target fat cells without damaging the skin or surrounding tissue was the insight behind Cryolipolysis, the proven science on which the CoolSculpting procedure is based.

The CoolSculpting procedure safely delivers precise controlled cooling to effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. Fat cells in the treated area are crystalized and then die. Over the next few weeks, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates dead cells leaving a more sculpted you.


CoolSculpting may be the ideal solution to finally eliminating those troublesome pockets of fat for those that live a healthy lifestyle. When you freeze the fat, your results are significantly enhanced when done in conjunction with exercise.  CoolSculpting can tone and sculpt your body like no other treatment. You will make the most out of these treatments and you will make sure the results will last long term.

When it comes to exercising, it is crucial to continue to challenge your body by increasing the intensity of your workout sessions. Eliminating excess fat with CoolSculpting doesn’t mean you should slack with your exercise regimen.  Alternate your workouts and work harder as time goes on. Coolsculpting will not make you immune to exercise plateaus.

Regardless if you lost weight before or after Coolsculpting treatments, your nutrition requirements will change.  You may want to schedule a consultation for weight loss to devise a nutrition plan to compliment your Coolsculpting treatments.

If you’re ready to have the body of your dreams, call today to consult with an expert to find out what CoolSculpting can do for you.

How to Maximize Your Coolsculpting Results

Why ThermiVa has Changed Feminine Rejuvenation

Why ThermiVa has Changed Feminine Rejuvenation

Feminine rejuvenation is an umbrella phrase utilized to describe a scope of aesthetic and functional procedures that rectify the vagina and surrounding tissues. The labial and vulvar tissue can become loose due various reasons such as childbirth, genetics, menopause, congenital disease or trauma.  Historically, the options for feminine rejuvenation have been limited to surgical procedures that are risky, expensive and involve substantial downtime.

That is why we are proud to announce that Malik Medical Aesthetics is one of the first to bring this innovative treatment, ThermiVAâ, to south New Jersey.  ThermiVa treatments offers a completely non-surgical option for vulvovaginal rejuvenation without discomfort or downtime.

The standard protocol for the ThermiVaâ treatment includes 3 separate treatments spaced one month apart.  There is no downtime and no anesthetics are necessary.

How Does ThermiVa Works?

ThermiVa is a non-surgical treatment for vaginal rejuvenation that utilizes controlled thermal radiofrequency energy directly on the areas you would like to improve. Heating the tissue has become the standard methodology for promoting collagen remodeling.  This encourages the tissue to shrink and increases collagen production in the area as well as tighten the genital tissue to improve appearance, sensation, and strength.

Here are 7 reasons why ThermiVAâ is a game changer for feminine rejuvenation. This amazing treatment is helping women across the country in unimaginable ways. We could not be more excited to spread the word about this extraordinary technology that is now available to the women of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

1.) Quick & Painless

A slim probe is utilized to apply temperature-controlled radiofrequency to the inner vaginal tissue and the outer labia. There is not any discomfort and does not involve shots, prepping, anesthesia, cutting, sutures or any pain.

The total treatment time is an estimated 30 minutes. ThermiVaâ is a painless treatment without downtime and you can expect to resume normal activities right away.  It is frequently referred to as the “lunch break” procedure because it is so quick.

2.) Zero Down Time

There is zero recovery time. There is not a healing period post treatment.  You can exercise, have sex and return to all your regular activities immediately following the procedure.

3.) Rapid Postpartum Recovery Treatment

Women can be treated safely with ThermiVaâ as early as six weeks after giving birth.  This does wonders for women who have had multiple vaginal deliveries, women with stretching of the vaginal tissue, and women healing from episiotomies because of vaginal deliveries.  ThermiVa restores the elasticity of the vagina tissue more rapidly and will decrease the healing time in those who had tearing or episiotomies during childbirth.  Also, it is important to take note that breastfeeding is not a contraindication for ThermiVA.

4.) Treats Urinary Incontinence

Many women suffer from urinary leakage and incontinence.  Vaginal deliveries, c-sections, abdominal surgeries, menopause, and the impact of aging all play a role in this problem.  Although ThermiVa was initially developed as an aesthetic treatment, physicians and patients noticed an improvement in urinary stress or mild incontinence. The application of targeted and controlled radiofrequency shrinks and strengthens the vaginal walls and pelvic floor, which support the bladder.  Improving the support structure and firming up the vaginal tissues, the risk of leakage or incontinence is significantly reduced.

5.) Aesthetic Enhancements

Yoga pants and leggings can be out of the question if sagging has negatively impacted the outer parts of the vaginal area.  It is increasingly common for women to find themselves feeling self-conscious about the outward appearance of their vaginal area. Vaginal childbirth and menopause can exasperate the problem further.

The outer parts of the vagina contract closer to the body as ThermiVa tighten the skin of the vagina.  Visible results can be almost immediate; treatment providers can sometimes see the skin contracting during the actual procedure.

6.) Restores Moisture

Vaginal dryness can be caused by menopause and the lack of estrogen in the body. This can cause many unpleasant side effects such as bleeding, tearing, pain and other more serious.  Vaginal creams are usually prescribed to help with these symptoms, but most women find them to be messy and inconvenient.  ThermiVA offers women have another alternative.

7.) Enhances SEX

ThermiVa will improve your sex life. The word lives and life was chosen because your partner will notice a change as well.  The vagina will feel fuller, tighter and smoother following ThermiVA.  Many women who have not been able to achieve orgasms during sex have reported that they can now can thanks to ThermiVa.

Why ThermiVa has Changed Feminine Rejuvenation

Moisturizing in the Modern Day

Moisturizing in the Modern Day

What do the words dry, dull, and flaky all have in common? They are all adjectives used to describe the appearance of dehydrated skin.  Those battling dry skin, regardless if it is a chronic condition or seasonal, know first-hand that parched skin dying of thirst is never a good look.  Despite this common problem there are many misconceptions on the best way to replenish and revive the skin. Many automatically go into a panic-stricken search of the heaviest moisturizer on the market to combat the unfortunate symptoms that come along with dry skin.

However, many of these moisturizers are not the most effective method to address these concerns, especially in the long term.  Sure, they may feel luxurious when you first apply them to your face but most are not able to perform throughout the day. What does this leave you? A fresh, glowing look when you leave the house that quickly plummets into a flat, lifeless disaster before lunch time.  This unfortunate phenomenon is due to the inability of that product to attract and lock moisture into the skin.  You need a product that is there for the long haul.  After all, looking radiant and healthy all day is a marathon not a sprint!

The key ingredient to give you the moisture binding staying power that you need is hyaluronic acid (HA).  Do not let the word “acid” give you the impression that this is a harsh exfoliate. Quite the contrary, hyaluronic acid is fundamental to the hydration of your skin. You may have heard of this ingredient before if you are familiar with dermal fillers.  This is the main ingredient in the majority of dermal fillers that are used to plump up sunken regions of the face and to fill in moderate to severe wrinkles. HA is a naturally occurring carbohydrate in the human body that exists in sizable amounts between the spaces between skin cells.  This is the origin of the skin’s moisture, plumpness, firmness and suppleness.  We are born with a high level of hyaluronic acid, which keeps our skin plump and smooth.  However, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin diminishes and our skin dries out, particularly after age 40.

It is with good reason that HA has become a fundamental ingredient in topical medical grade skincare such as serums and moisturizers.  This powerful moisturizer increases hydration, improves elasticity and reverses free radical damage to keep the skin youthful and supple.

If you have oily or acneic skin, your first though may be that HA would not be a good fit for your skin type. Contrary to popular belief it is vital to keep all skin, even oily skin, hydrated. In fact, when starved of hydration the skin will produce more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture.  This only exacerbates the challenges faced by those with oily skin.  Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that works for everyone regardless of skin type. Ensure that your serum and/or moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid.  If you have dry skin apply hyaluronic acid under your daily moisturizer and if you have oily skin use hyaluronic acid alone.

SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator is one of the biggest game changing products in the anti-aging market. It is designed to hydrate the skin from the inside out. This product is considered a pioneer because it aids the skin to replenish its very own supply of hyaluronic acid within the top layer of the skin.  Skin can lose up to 50% of its hyaluronic acid between the ages of 40 and 50. This often results in our skin’s inability to retain moisture, which leads to dry skin and a rough skin texture.

Other topical hyaluronic serums currently available are deceptive by only temporarily moisturizing the skin.  This gives the false illusion of hydrated skin. SkinMedica’s HA5 expedites hydration levels in the skin immediately, administering up to eight hours of steady hydration. The crucial ingredient in HA5 is Vitisensce Technology, a proprietary antioxidant formulation full of five different forms of hyaluronic acid. HA5 reverses dry skin into hydrated skin, resulting in a dewy and fresh finish. Dry and rough skin texture along with fine lines and wrinkles are reduced instantaneously upon application of HA5. Not only is dry skin protected up to eight hours after using this product, 90% of those using HA5 have reported smoother and softer skin after eight weeks of consistent usage.

Optimal results are achieved from HA5 come from applying twice daily, once in the morning before a moisturizer and sunscreen and once in the evening before applying a moisturizer. HA5 can be utilized on the face, neck and décolleté.  It is safe to say that hyaluronic acid has transcended from injectable treatments to daily skincare.













Moisturizing in the Modern Day



It is the perfect time to address the signs of damage accrued throughout the summer as we say goodbye to fall. The environment and sun’s rays have damaging effects that can cause the skin to become patchy, dehydrated, marred with brown spots and cause fine lines and wrinkles. Post summer peels are a great option to repair this damage and to help protect the skin from further damage in the upcoming months.

Chemicals peels provide a perfect solution because they are designed to peel the top layers of the epidermis and some deeper peels target the dermis. The process dissolves the bonds that hold the cells together, which expedite the exfoliation process. Post summer peels significantly improves texture irregularities, pigment concerns and clogged pores in the skin.

After the summer when the risk of sun damage decreases is the ideal time to receive chemical peels. The skin has returned back to its natural tone and chemical peels can safely penetrate the skin. Patients also find it easier to stay compliment with post-treatment care.

When a patient’s risk of sun damage decreases after the summer and tissue is closer to its natural tone, the depth of a peel via increased percentages of active ingredients, or by “stacking” one to two additional passes of these ingredients during the application process. It is pivotal that the new, healthy skin that is unveiled is properly protected with a broad-spectrum sunscreen year round.

It is crucial to maintain skincare treatments throughout the fall and winter. Many experience dryness due to the decrease in the natural exfoliation process and the skin’s exposure to moisture-binding molecules within the dermis that regulate the skin’s moisture level. The result is often a dull, dry appearance in both tone and texture. Chemical peels present an effective, simple solution for exfoliation and stimulation of the dead skin cells.

To determine the best peel there are multiple factors that should be considered including the patient’s skin type, tissue sensitivities, peel ingredients, potential peel penetration, and external influences over the healing process. Peel ingredients may include trichloroacetic acid, resorcinol, Jessner’s solution, or a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, including glycolic, lactic, mandelic and salicylic acid. These ingredients are formulated to enhance the skin’s clarity, color, texture and tone.


Fillers: Needle vs Cannula

Fillers: Needle vs Cannula

The conventional method to inject hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers such as Voluma and Juvderm, has historically been performed with a (sharp) needle.  It has been common knowledge that the dermal filler injection process can cause pain and can be associated with complications such as bruising, skin necrosis and blindness.

However, when the blunt tip of a cannula is implemented these risks decrease drastically in comparison to the traditional needle.  Many ask why since both methods involve going into the skin tissue to deliver the filler.  With that said there are a total of 7 reasons the use of a cannula is the ideal option for filler injections. The traditional needle easily puncture blood vessels as it travels through the tissue with its sharp tip.  On the other hand, the blunt tip of a cannula softly moves blood vessels to the side instead of puncturing them.  This method significantly reduces the possibility of bruising, skin death and blindness.  Some injectors have reported a 90% reduction in bruising since switching to blunt tip cannulas.

If you are considering filler injections ensure that your injector utilizes a blunt tip cannula in place of a needle for your treatment.

7 Reasons To Ensure Your Injector Uses Cannulas

  1. The bruising and swelling post procedure are considerably decreased. This minimizes social downtime.
  2. Patient discomfort associated with dermal fillers during the treatment is lessened.
  3. The number of access points or “pokes” is substantially decreased with cannulas. Example; the lips can be enhanced with dermal fillers with only 2 access points with a cannula vs.10 with traditional needles.
  4. The total treatment time is condensed with cannulas. The majority of the time topical anesthesia is not necessary for areas such as smile lines and tear trough area. Also, the process with cannulas is shorter due to reduced number of pokes.
  5. The risk of a vascular catastrophe is almost abolished because a vessel cannot be pierced with a blunt cannula.
  6. Tear trough injections are able to be performed deep to the muscle to prevent the filler from being visible. (“Tindel Effect”)
  7. Cannulas can be utilized for all fillers with the exception of Sculptra.
Fillers: Needle vs Cannula